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One With Nature

 Everyone's life changed in 2020 when the world came to a standstill, 

but a couple of months of being able to do nothing more than wait and after many lovely long walks and bicycle rides in the countryside where we live,  we suddenly had more time to take in the beauty and honesty of nature. 

Trees and flowers 'that we see, but don't see'

'Feeling Inspired'

Tree of Life_edited.jpg


Summer Breeze.jpg


Pink Lillies_edited.jpg
Tree in situ.jpg
Morning Glory 1_edited.jpg
Rooted in Hope_edited.jpg
Whispering in the Breeze_edited.jpg

Rooted in Hope

100cm x 100cm -  £700

Morning Glory

100cm x 100cm - £700

Whispering in the Breeze

60cm x 50cm - £350

And Breathe_edited.jpg

...and Breathe

120cm x 100cm - £1800

Make a Wish_edited.jpg


100cm x 100cm - £500



Over the Rainbow_edited.jpg

Over the Rainbow

52cm x 52cm - £350

Make a Wish

60cm x 50cm - £250

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