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A Little About Me

My career started after the birth of my first child, quite by accident. I am a self taught local artist from Tunbridge Wells and my very first large scale painting was a mural for my son’s nursery back in 1991, which in turn created much interest and resulted in me joining forces with the company ‘Melanie Envy London Ltd’.

I painted murals for the interior design company’s clients over the next few years throughout Kent and South London.

These days, I enjoy working from home in my art studio in the garden, creating new work for exhibiting and the many commission based projects.

Working mostly on canvas, in acrylics and water colours over various subjects. My main focus being  the animal kingdom, capturing a sense of fun, humour and sometimes quirkiness.

I like to be bold and confident with my use of colour and my aim is to make people smile!

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